Less notifications make for a happier developer on GitHub
Less notifications make for a happier developer on GitHub

One of the unique things about working on Google Cloud Client Libraries is the sheer volume of repositories I interact with. The Cloud Developer Relations team manages and releases libraries across 7+ languages and 300+ repositories. This creates a firehose of notifications that can quickly get out of hand. In my more focused area, storage and database products, there are 30+ repositories to keep an eye on. …

I've got a lovely bunch of microcontrollers
I've got a lovely bunch of microcontrollers

While I spend my work days thinking about how to make the cloud easier to use and more powerful, I started out pursuing a degree in hardware engineering. I spent most of my time at university writing VHDL, trying to wrangle magnets and electric fields, and contorting my mind into understanding Physics. That said, since University my hardware skills have atrophied a great deal; all I have left to prove any of this are some books no one would buy otherwise. So please, no questions about RC circuits.

Even so, I still enjoy bridging the worlds. Lately that is usually…

Most of the workplaces I have worked at, Google included, have some kind of performance evaluation system, usually yearly or bi-yearly. And without fail every one of these systems likes numbers. Because a lot of my work is done in the open, I have taken to diving into my GitHub usage to try and gain insights to what I am up to when evaluation time comes around. …

In April, Google and Apple announced a joint effort to create APIs that enable the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to assist in reducing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. As part of this broader effort multiple resources have been made available to assist healthcare authorities to act swiftly. For instance, Google has released a reference Android application, additional terms of services for utilizing the exposure notifications API, specifications for cryptographic approach, and more. …

Chris Wilcox

Staff Engineer @ Google. I like Python, Clouds, and Motorcycles. Disclaimer: opinions are my own. https://chriswilcox.dev.

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